Giving your child the building blocks to cope with life’s challenges.


The Huddl

Prides itself on being a beacon of positivity for families who have and are living through challenging times.

The Huddl provides support to children that will build confidence in all areas of emotional well-being, fitness and nutrition which will enable them to be calm, resilient, positive, and healthy.

The Huddl also drives awareness of positive mental and physical wellbeing through the completion of workshops which not only supports the removal of fear to talk about mental health, but it also educates and highlights preventative measures that can be taken to avoid damaging health and wellbeing.

With accessibility to care often being a barrier of support, the Huddl is a local company and is available for anyone in need of care and support

Having the association with Burgess Hill Town Juniors FC enables the HuddL to have an engagement platform for kids through sport, the HuddL also has partnered with Amanda Christensen from Infinity 8 Fitness & Nutrition and Michelle Duggan-Palmer mindfulness coach

Amanda and Michelle use a professional, caring approach to offer support that promotes a healthy mind, body, and soul. Sessions are tailor made based on the areas of concern ensuring that children and families get the support quickly and where it’s needed most.

The Huddl Building Blocks
The Huddl

Nutrition & Fitness

Amanda Christensen Infinity 8 Fitness Logo

I am a level 4 fully qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, and fitness instructor. I provide tailor made nutrition plans that can be easily incorporated into family life ensuring that everyone is getting the right nutrients without being on a strict diet.

Along with the nutrition advice I produce fitness plans that can be used by the whole family making sure that health and fitness become a part of everyday family life!

Wellbeing & Happiness

Michelle Duggan-Palmer Michelle Duggan-Palmer Logo

I have worked with children for 15 years and am a trained and experienced Relax Kids Coach, Child Counsellor, Mindfulness Coach, Life Coach and an Advanced Drawing & Talking Practitioner.

I work 1:1 or in small groups with children & families who would like advice, guidance and support managing and navigating anxiety, anger, big emotions, trauma, disturbed sleeping patterns, divorce and family stress, ADHD, Autism & everyday stress.

My sessions validate children’s feelings and provide them with strategies to overcome and manage them when they pop up allowing them to live a calmer, happier life.